SALT Senior Enrichment Program

Promotes a variety of enrichment activities, provides need-based educational topics and resources and encourages social interaction amongst the residents of our senior communities.

After School Connect

Engages community youth, ages 7 to 12, in a shared environment where homework assistance, art appreciation, outdoor recreation, social development, and confidence-building activities are provided.

LOL Teen Program

Engages community teens, ages 13 to 17,  in a group environment that explores social skills, leadership development, community awareness, recreation, and healthy living.

LC Resident Education Program

Provides instructor-led Adult Education, Health and Wellness or skill-building classes that are tailored to the requests and needs of residents

SC Service Coordination Program

Allows our service specialist to work one-on-one with residents through our needs assessment process and then refer the resident to supportive services.

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Resident Services Survey

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