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Resident Services is our passion. We have over 20 years’ experience working closely with property managers, community resources, and resident groups to create service programs that meet the unique interests and needs of each individual property and its residents. Resident Services generally take place in the Clubhouse or within the apartment community and are provided by our Resident Service Specialists. To learn more about our Resident Services click here.

Managing General Partner is our expertise. Our organization serves as the Managing General Partner in over 150 affordable apartment communities across California (see Portfolio here).   In furtherance of our charitable mission, we enter the project as the Managing General Partner for purposes of operating the Project as an affordable housing community together with our Partners. Our Partners have agreed in the Partnership Agreement that the Partnership’s purpose is to own and operate the Project to provide low-income housing to the eligible households in accordance and in compliance with the project’s Regulatory Agreement and in a manner consistent with our mission.

Developer of Quality Affordable Housing is our driver. Our ultimate goal is an affordable housing community that positively interacts with its surrounding neighborhoods, is well-designed and maintained, and provides its residents with opportunities for a healthy, empowering, and fun living experience. Our organization has been a co-developer of multi-family affordable housing communities across California and the lead developer of two single-family communities in the Sacramento area totaling 125 homes.  Pacific Housing finances its development objectives with a variety of affordable housing finance programs, including the utilization of bond financing through applications submitted to the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee and affordable housing tax credits obtained through the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee to generate and secure equity capital. In addition, Pacific Housing makes applications to and on behalf of local housing agencies to secure Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bonds, HOME funds, and other available housing finance programs.

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